• #HamOnt Police Town Hall posted on 26 Jan 2021

    I'm a luddite with a land-line.

    At 7:30PM today (2021-01-26) I was called to participate in the Hamilton police town hall. I was honestly hoping not to get called because I'm prone to being a wishy-washy centrist and I have a lot of online friends that are much further left I respect the hell out of them, and I feel like I need to fight the good fight for progressive values.


  • Covid Cocktails 5 posted on 24 Jan 2021

    Even though I just finished a round of cocktails around Christmas, in honor of New Year's Eve I pivoted right into Covid Cocktails round 5. The main reason was sparkling wine, so there's a lot of it here.

    Covid cocktails 5 collage


  • Covid Cocktails 4 posted on 30 Dec 2020

    Hokay, taking a break from being awful arguing with strangers on the internet (seriously folks it's a filthy habit I'd rather I smoked) to restart back on my less-awful vice:

    Covid Cocktails

    For the winter holiday, I decided to do another round of Covid Cocktails. This time I'm trying to do something thematic - a focus on savory cocktails... and of course, some festive ones too, because it's that time of the year.

    Covid cocktails 4 collage


  • Covid Cocktails 3 posted on 20 Nov 2020

    After a break, I'm back with a 3rd round of Covid cocktails. First off, I finished off the sweet vermouth and bought some proper Dolin.

    Also, Collective Arts gin is pretty expensive as London dry gins go, but I bought myself a bottle as a treat... and then my wife bought me another bottle as a birthday present. So I have a lot of gin to use.

    Covid cocktails 3 collage


  • Council and the Integrity Commissioner posted on 10 Oct 2020

    Okay, so let me just make sure I'm getting the latest City of Hamilton council misadventure straight. It's been hard to keep track of this overlaid in all the pandemic pandemonium.

    edit (2020-10-12): Thanks to Ryan McGreal for helping me out with some details.

    Cameron Kroetsch is a local activist who is an unpaid volunteer on the city's LGBT advisory committee. He's butt heads with the city before, like when said the city shouldn't fly the rainbow flag during Pride because they hadn't really stood up for the city's LGBT community properly. This attitude of his was vindicated when the police failed to protect the Gage park pride event from violent homophobic activists, despite (according to Kroetsch) having been specifically told exactly where and when to be. The police defend this because Pride's leadership had asked the police not to patrol the interior of the event or set up a recruiting table (the violence was on the edge of the park).


  • Covid Cocktails 2 posted on 26 Sep 2020

    Continuing on from my previous round, I've done another 14 days of cocktails. This time it's a more '70s theme.

    Covid cocktails 2 collage


  • Covid Cocktails posted on 09 Sep 2020

    So thanks to watching too many "How to Drink" Youtube videos, I've gotten into mixing cocktails. We're all drinking at home anyways, right?

    So I made approximately one cocktail per day, mostly things I've never tried before.


  • Saving Uranus posted on 16 Jun 2020

    So I'm finally getting myself a new computer. Had it all figured out - new off-lease desktops were coming available for my kids, and I was going to buy myself a brand-new gaming machine. No hard feelings because everybody's getting a new machine at once.

    Just had to wait until August.

    Which is why it's awesome that my kids' computer (named Uranus) died. And died in an infuriating way - it was murdered by its own software.


  • Mineclone2 Skins (rpi minetest-server part 4) posted on 30 May 2020

    Continuing on our marathon process of setting up the perfect Mineclone2 server, this is going to be a brief side-guide - how set up skins in mineclone 2. I tried several approaches to this problem - the popular skin mods in minetest are meant to manage a connection to an online database of skins, and I just wanted to pre-load enough skins so the kids would have a library to choose from.

    I couldn't get any of the existing skins mods to work fully, so we're going to just set the files up manually.


  • Minetest Mods (rpi minetest-server part 3) posted on 23 May 2020

    Now that we've got our Minetest server built (see previous entry ), now it's time to learn how to install mods and games into it, and how to run multiple instances of minetest. In particular, we're going to be installing Mineclone 2.